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Installation Overlay

Tutorial for Installation the overlay function

With the new view function "overlay" a schematic drawing could be superimposed transparent over the actual image file of an order. Therefor different overlap functions are available. The drawing can be permanently displayed or time faded in and out - also the transparency effect can be freely chosen as a percentage.

With this unique feature all the information to an inspection are available in one window. The correct orientation of the components (pin 1 for ICs, polarity of capacitors, ...) can be detected with a glance!

Significant reduction of the inspection process!

The display of the overlap function can be manually controlled. By pressing the string-button the overlap function is disabled so long as the button is held down. By releasing the button, the blending function is reactivated. The setting "invisible" reverses this functionality. If this option is choosen, the transparent schematic drawing is not displayed. If the string-button is pressed down, the drawing is displayed transparently so long as the string key is held down.

The advantages in overview:

Instruction for installation the overlay function

This tutorial introduces you to the installation of the overlay function. Simply click on the following link. Tutorial for installation the overlay function