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Once you have decided to buy a product, then you would like to have it immediately. Any unnecessary waiting is then just a nuisance!

Therefore at this point we offer you our online shop where you can shop around the clock. In addition, you can be sure that we extensively test all additional products in combination with EFA Inspection before we add them to this online shop. Only the best products will find their way into this store!


Software In this shop category you can buy main and module licenses for EFA Inspection as stand-alone licenses. *** NOTE *** Hardware dongles must be ordered separately!

Hardware In this category you will find high-resolution recording equipment for SMD and/or THT assembled PCBs and also special keypads which dramatically increase the speed of inspection.

Training In this category we offer individual and group training. Individual training sessions are always customized - Group training however, require a minimum level of participants and have a common learning content.